Group members

Principal Investigator

Regina Murphy

Post-Doctorate Members


Graduate Students

Chandler Est

Brandon Hoover

Maddie Pont

Undergraduate Students

Tristan Einstein

Jenna Frey


William Cady (BS 2019)

Rahul Venkatesh (BS 2019, Graduate Student at Georgia Tech University)

Parth Mangrolia (PhD 2018)

Tim Murat (BS 2018, Graduate Student at UC-Berkeley)

Kayla Pate (Post Doc, now at PPD)

Tyler Perlenfein (PhD 2017, now at Abbvie)

Jacob Mehlhoff (BS 2017, Graduate Student at Johns Hopkins University)

Abhiram Arunkumar (PhD 2014, now at Bristol Myers Squibb)

Patricia Cho (PhD 2014, now at Bristol Myers Squibb)

Dennis Yang (PhD 2014, now at Eli Lilly)

Xiaomeng Lu (PhD 2014, now at ChemEOR)

Robert Walters (PhD 2011, now at Pfizer)

Jiali Du (PhD 2011, now at MedImmune)

Joseph Bernacki (PhD 2011, now at Amgen)

Matthew Tobelmann (PhD 2010, now at McKinsey & Co.

Bill Riordan (PhD 2008, now at Abbott)

Lin Liu (PhD 2007, now at Lubrizol)

Christine Lee (MS 2007, now at RPI)

Jie Hou (MS 2006)

Todd Gibson (PhD 2005, now at Centocor)

Jin Ryoun Kim, (PhD 2004, now at Polytechnic Institute of New York University)

David Haas (PhD 2003, now at Protein Design Labs)

Jennifer Kuehne (PhD 2001, now at Eli Lilly)

Monica Pallitto (PhD 2001, now at Amgen)

John Kremer (PhD 2001)

Michael Chan (PhD 1998, now at WL Gore)

Larissa Wenning (PhD 1997, now at Merck)

Colin Crowley (MS 1996)

Theresa Good (PhD 1996, now at University of Maryland and NSF)

Carrie Cook (PhD 1996, now at Aova Technologies)

Chih-Lung Shen (PhD 1995)

Parvin Yazdi (PhD 1994)

Trang Le (MS 1992)

Sharon Tomski (MS 1991)

Tao Lowe (postdoc 1999-2001, now at University of Tennessee)

Jyothi Ghanta postdoc (1996-1998)